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Dirty Martini, Steak and Two Glasses of Wine

Lesson: If you want to get the delivery process going, serve the daddy a dirty martini, steak and two glasses of wine.

On September 19th last year, I got a text from my husband asking, "Do you think you'll be delivering our son tonight?" I said "No no no. He's due 10 days from now. I feel fine." Jeffrey then responded, "Good! It's been a long day. I feel like a mega dirty martini." So, I decided to have one waiting for him when he got home. I then proceeded to make a steak dinner with which he had a glass (or two) of red wine - I had iced tea - and after an episode (or two) of Doc Martin, we decided to head to bed.

Little did we know sleep was NOT in our stars for that night. At 11:15pm I felt a tinge I had NEVER experienced before...and these weren't happening 20 minutes apart, they were TRHEE minutes apart. Thank goodness my suitcase was packed!!! We ordered an Uber car and when it showed up, the driver was a woman behind the wheel of a brand new car. She looked at me with a panicked, knowing look and I said, "Don't worry, I have a towel." She (sort of) laughed as we got in, she ran every red light (with cop cars in-sight) and went the wrong way on a one-way street to get us to the hospital. Either I was deafening her with my screams or she really wanted me out of her car. Hey, I didn't want to be that woman delivering a baby in a car either! There are no pain killers in the back seat of a car...

Upon our arrival at the hospital, all I could say was: E-PI-DUR-AL!!!!!! Austin was with us 6 hours later and we all entered a brand new chapter!

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