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A Baby Promise Card

Join us on the social community platforms @TheBabyPromise and share your own promises. Tag @TheBabyPromise and #TheBabyPromise so we can see and be inspired by all moms...including Grammies!

We can learn a lot from each other!


These bands are designed to be nestled with other rings or worn on their own. Stack these together with your wedding set - making it a family set, or add them to your other fingers. It's up to you. Just remember to share your style with us on the social community platforms. Tag: @TheBabyPromise and  #thebabypromise so we can see your style.



Let's share stories, funny memories, and sentimental moments every once in a while to inspire other mothers. We all need inspiration…and advice…and ideas…and support…and so much more. Share your Momspirations with us on the social community platforms, and tag @TheBabyPromise and  #thebabypromise AND #momspirations so we can see YOUR Momspirations inspiring other moms.


Are you a Grammie or a Nana? Your baby is always your baby. If you are now watching your little ones care for their little ones, make this promise and wear this ring as you continue to guide, lead, and encourage your "little ones" who have embarked on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

Shana is grateful and thankful her mother is still in her life knowing there is advice and inspiration just a phone call, FaceTime, or Zoom away. 

The Farr Family


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