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The Baby Promise Book

A forever promise that reminds us of the unconditional love we as mothers feel for our child(ren) and the commitment we instinctively make to guide and
teach them as they grow.

"I wrote this poem six weeks into motherhood when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. This simple but honest poem reflects how I want to be as a mom.

Moms aren't perfect, but we promise to always do our best." 

-Shana Farr

Celebrate Motherhood
with a Mother's Promise Ring
A sentimental gift that celebrates the mother and her child, symbolizing our unique bond and unconditional love.
Celebrate the extraordinary commitment we instinctively make as mothers the moment we hold our little one for the first time, and embrace the journey of motherhood.
The Family Stack

With every Promise Ring, you receive a FREE copy of The Baby Promise Book written by Shana Farr


Join Us & Become
A Baby Promise Mom

Write and post your own Promises
Share your style & stories
Give us some #Momspiration

"We can always ask "Alexa" or "Google" for information, but I would rather learn from
each other. Grammies included!" 
- Shana Far

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The Baby Promise Heart
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