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Embrace Motherhood
with a Mother's Promise Ring
Fine Jewelry to Last a Lifetime

After writing "The Baby Promise" to my little boy, I designed a Mother's Promise Ring to capture that first spark of unconditional love all mothers feel the moment they hold their little ones. It's also a simple reminder of the extraordinary commitments we make not only to our children, but also to ourselves as we travel along the journey of motherhood.

...and the best part about it, is my son knows I wear it just for him.

Born with Love...and a Promise

-Shana Farr

Author and Designer, Shana Farr with her son, Austin
The book is shipped with each Promise Ring

The Family Stack

Mom-Owned Business


Wanting to share "The Baby Promise" with all moms who understand the commitment of motherhood and the unconditional love a mother shares with her child, Shana Farr is also now the Owner and Creative Director of The Baby Promise® - she conceived, designed, developed, and launched from her living room...all while being a mom. 

Environmentally Responsible

For Mother Earth and our Children

Metal: As part of our commitment to sustainability, we choose to use recycled and refined metals for The Baby Promise products.

Diamonds: We use diamonds that are Born with Love®  - real diamonds born in an environmentally friendly laboratory not dug up from an un-environmentally-friendly coal mine. If you would like to learn more about clean and genuine diamonds grown in a laboratory, please see the information at the Gemological Institute of America.  

Working with Moms

Want something done? Ask a Mom!

The Baby Promise is happy to be working with highly talented and skilled mothers who need to work from home as they raise their children. It is hard to juggle motherhood with a full-time job and there are many professionally  accomplished moms out there with whom we are lucky to work.

Giving Back

Assisting Mothers

The Baby Promise gives a percentage of it's proceeds to charity that provides mothers and their children living in poverty with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves.

"I Promise...
To love you unconditionally;
To help you find your way;
To listen to your thoughts and dreams,
and guide you when you stray..
"Each day I promise you
I'll always do my best
Although at times I'm sure to fail, 
I'll love you nonetheless."
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