I Promise...

To love you unconditionally,

To help you find your way.
To listen to your thoughts and dreams
And guide you when you stray.


To teach respect and gratitude
And give the same to you.
To help you find the beauty in

Yourself and others too.

Kids with Capes
The Baby Promise Ring

To let you spread your wings and fly

Although I'll want you near
I promise not to hold you back
Because of my own fear.


I'll give you space and build a trust
Between us that is strong
But let you break it now and then
So you learn right from wrong.

Happy Kids with Books
Stressed Woman

I promise to be kind.

I promise to be true.

I promise to be patient

In all I say and do.

I thought I knew humility

I thought that I was strong

I thought I knew a lot of things

And then you came along.

Mother and Daughter Love

And so each day I promise you

I’ll always do my best

Although at times I’m sure to fail

I’ll love you none the less.


My dear, you are a part of me

And so, till I depart

This ring I wear will always be

This promise from my heart.


Wear your Promise


A Mother's Style

Wear one Baby Promise Ring for all your children or make individual promises to each child -

the choice is yours. There is no wrong way or right way, follow your instincts and your style.

Make it a pinky ring, a thumb ring, wear it with your wedding set, or on a chain around your neck.


Something happened when I became a mother. Everything that seemed to be important quickly moved to the back of my mind. I quickly realized I was responsible for this little person - for everything in his world from infant to toddler to little boy...to teenager...to young man! And there are a lot of things he needs to learn - a lot of things I need to teach him, to show him, to instill in him and to help him believe he can be anything he wants to be.

So just as wrote my vows for my partner, my husband, I wrote and made a promise to my little boy... a Baby Promise. Knowing I would probably need to be reminded of these words every day, probably more than once, I designed a band of gold to wear with my wedding set - which is now my Family Set - so that I would be conscious of and reminded of my responsibilities every day. 

- Shana Farr


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